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Currenty available used cutter grinders
Deckel - Kuhlmann - Hassberg

SPECIAL NOTE:  In the past months, several customers have come to us having purchased model S1, SON, or SO grinders that date back to before the early 1950's.  After, 1955 the Deckel company began serializing the production of their model S0 grinders, example  72-15798 would have been built in 1972.  

The earlier year grinder models SON and S0 have serial numbers in the 80000 to 84000 range.  Be careful, not to be confused thinking that these grinders date from the 1980's.  Many parts, especially collets and wheel mounts are no longer available.  BUYER BEWARE !!

Note also: In April 2015, the Feinmechanik Michael Deckel company was sold and renamed ISOG Technology.  The grinder are still made in Weilheim, Bavaria, Germany under their new name. The newest machine name plates look as follows:

Used Deckel Grinders

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