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Suhner 1.3 Hp Rotofera Flexshaft Motor

Suhner 1.3 Hp Rotofera Flexshaft Motor|escape
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Suhner Rotofera Motor 1.3Hp Suhner Rotfera on F Base (Pedestal) Suhner Rotofera-F with Accessories Suhner Rotfera on STM Base (Dolly)
Suhner Flexible Shaft Polishing

Metal fabricators, tank and boiler makers, mold and die shops, tire industries, foundries, boat and ship building, aircraft and aerospace industries, motor and construction machinery industries, and countless other shops and factories all find uses for this versatile tool. A wide selection of handpieces is available for the Rotofera. Used for grinding, sanding, cutting, deburring, derusting, drilling, milling, routing, finishing, buffing, and polishing.

1.34 Horsepower (1000W), 3-phase induction motor
Geared Speeds: 1000, 1900, 2500, 3800, 6800,
   9600, and 14,400 rpm.
Available in either 230 or 460 Volt, 3-Phase
Available with pedestal base (F) or dolly base (STM)
Motor weight ~ 37 lbs. on bench mount, 83 lbs. on dolly

Standard Flexshaft Unit consists of:
   (ordered separately)
Rotofera-F bench mounted Motor or
  Rotofera-STM dolly mounted Motor (specify Voltage)
NA10 D10/G28 x 2000mm Flexshaft Assembly
FH-10 Straight Handpiece with 1/4"collet and

Optional Equipment:
NA12 Heavier-duty Flexshaft Assembly
FH-12 Straight Handpiece with 1/4" collet
FSM-2:1 6"dia. Angle-Grinding Handpiece
Wi-10-L Right-Angle Handpiece, extended version
Wi-10 Right-Angle Handpiece with 1/4" collet
BSG-10/50 2" wide Belt Sanding Handpiece
FH-10-L Extended Handpiece for reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.
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Rotofera Catalog
(pdf - 335KB)
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Rotofera Parts List
(pdf - 335KB)

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