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NSK Nakanishi HES510 Milling Spindle

NSK Nakanishi HES510 Milling Spindle|escape
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Upgrade your existing NC milling machines and CNC machining centers into high-speed machines.  These precision NSK spindles allow one to use existing equipment for a much larger variety of jobs.  Conventional mills and VMC's can now do high-speed machining, small diameter drilling and milling with extremely good surface finishes.  Lock the main spindle, hand-load the HES spindle and you are ready to mill at high speeds.  Speeds are continuously variable from 6,000 to 50,000rpm.  Ideal for use with diamond coated end mills for intricate graphite machining, or use with the X10 coated hard milling cutters.  HES spindles have double-paired, ultra-precision, ceramic bearings maximizing the HES spindle's radial and thrust rigidity while providing close tolerance spindle accuracy.  A brushless DC motor utilizing half-elements and rare-earth magnets produces a maximum output power of 250 watts in this very compact size. Order spindle controller (NE211), Air Line Kit (AL-C1204) and motor cord separately. BT, NT, CAT,  and HSK A63 tapers are available below.

Speeds: 6,000 - 50,000 rpm
Max. Output Power: 250 Watt (.33HP)
Spindle Accuracy: within 1 m (0.000039")
CHK Collet Sizes: 1/8" standard, 1/4" maximum
Air Cooling Required: clean/dry air ~ 1 cfm at 50psi
Weight: 5.07 lbs

Included Equipment:
Chuck Nut (K-265)
CHK Collet 1/8"
Wrench (12 x 14): 2 pcs.

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