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Grobet Genuine Swiss Precision Files
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Continuing a Long Tradition of Superior Quality

Standardization of file shapes and cuts for Swiss precision files began in 1812, when F.L.Grobet went into business in Vallorbe, Switzerland. The credit for establishing and developing all Swiss precision files belongs to him. He put the making of Swiss files on a production basis that resulted in precision and uniformity for the first time. Then in 1836, he designed and built the first file cutting machine that produced files of even greater uniformity and preciseness. That machine was the forerunner of today’s advanced machines that cut modern files with superb accuracy.

The first file cutting machine was a great step forward, but important details had to be done by hand. It is the same today. Amazing as modern machines are, skilled craftsmen are needed to finish details so Grobet-Swiss precision files still rely on the combination of specialized machines and outstanding hand craftsmanship that is know the world over. The files this combination produces are unsurpassed for precise accuracy of shape and size and for hardness and durability.

Strict production standards maintain the superior quality that master craftsmen have come to expect fro Grobet-Swiss files. To begin with, every Grobet-Swiss file is made of tough, chrome alloy steel, tempered by a process developed through expertise gained through years of working with file steel. And the shape of cuts and cutting angles of file teeth are scientifically designed. Finally, each Grobet-Swiss file is inspected and tested. If the smallest flaw is found, the file must be rejected and scrapped. All this attention to detail results in a long lasting file that works faster and works better throughout its long life.

Today’s Grobet-Swiss precision files are the best files you can buy. It has been that way since 1812. With more than 1000 types, sizes and cuts available, there is certain to be one right for your special needs.

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