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One machine grinds it all - spiral router bits, end mills, roughing end mills, taps, countersinks, carbide tools, radius end mills, lathe tool bits, various form tools, reamers, and more. Extremely easy to use - and fast! Control quality, delivery, and eliminate costly down time by sharpening end mills and other tooling in-house. Reduce your tool crib inventory, and save money. Eliminate regrind bills, and save even more money.

Reduce downtime and keep your machining centers running. You can't afford to let a major investment like machining centers sit idle for lack of a sharpened cutting tool. Every second that you lose in downtime is a drain on your cash flow.

Enable your machine tools to run at peak performance. Sharpened end mills and cutting tools, allow for maximum machining rates as well as less heat generation while cutting.

Get more machining time out of your cutting tools. Having the ability to grind your own tools right on the spot will keep you from pushing them until they chip or break which means money saved on cutting tools.

Grinds O.D.'s and ends of standard end mills in one setup within just a few minutes. Yet, this grinder is used for much more than just end mills. With the Z-axis option (CM-15), you get eight different axes to work with for ultimate versatility. An optional pneumatic finger (CM-05) instantly and automatically switches between primary and secondary grinds with the flip of a switch, saving time and ensuring repeatable accuracy. The adjustable head allows you to sharpen any and all angles - even for the toughest materials.

Built to last. Made in USA.

Note: A word of caution regarding used Cuttermaster Grinders.  Unless you can actually test the grinder, more specifically, the air bearing spindle tool holder, be extra vigilant with purchasing a used unit.  The price of an air bearing spindle repalcement runs close to $1,700.00. Since these spindles are manufactured to very close tolerances (0.0002") with matched part assemblies, the air bearing spindles cannot be repaired, and must be replaced. This is about half the price of a completely new Cuttermaster grinder.

Click on individual products below for further details.

Cuttermaster End Mill Sharpener

Cuttermaster End Mill & Tool Sharpener
SKU: CM-01
See details

Our price: $4,140.00

Cuttermaster Radius Grinding Attachment
See details

Our price: $1,428.00

Cuttermaster Center Finger
SKU: CM-04
See details

Our price: $54.00

Cuttermaster Dual Positioning Pneumatic Finger
See details

Our price: $700.00

Cuttermaster Taper Grinding Attachment
SKU: CM-08
See details

Our price: $108.00

Cuttermaster Metal Cabinet Base
SKU: CM-10
See details

Our price: $632.00

Cuttermaster Work Holding Fixture
SKU: CM-11
See details

Our price: $689.00

Cuttermaster Diamond Dresser
SKU: CM-12
See details

Our price: $125.00

Cuttermaster Z-Axis Riser
SKU: CM-15
See details

Call for Price

Cuttermaster Spindle Extension
See details

Our price: $267.00

Cuttermaster Universal Grinding Fixture
SKU: CM-16
See details

Our price: $2,032.00

Cuttermaster Extended Draw bar
SKU: CM-17
See details

Our price: $163.00

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