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Cuttermaster Dual Positioning Pneumatic Finger

Cuttermaster Dual Positioning Pneumatic Finger|escape  

The dual positioning pneumatic finger in addition to the standard stationary stylus or "locating finger" allows you to quickly switch from primary to secondary grinds when sharpening end mills...all with the flip of a switch! Cuts sharpening time in half; eliminates the need for raising and lowering the grinding spindle.

Automatically adjusts the clearance angles for every end mill ensuring exact repeatable accuracy. As the cross-feed dial moves, the finger adjusting by the size of the tool, it positions tool to correct grinding position. Also provides the ability to create custom angles for different types of metal materials.

This accessory is necessary for grinding spiral router bits used in the wood and plastics industries. The CM-05 has a finer pointed stylus to enable entry into smaller fluting areas.

For use with Cuttermaster air bearing fixture only.

Included Equipment:
• T-slot
• Mounting Bracket and Harware
• Carbide Stylus

UPC 742889947976
Price: $625.00


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